You have a message to share, but how?

Are you asking yourself:

How do I know what business idea will work?

How do I get past the fears of putting myself out there?

How do I get past imposter syndrome?

What kinds of content should I create and how do I promote it?

What platforms should I use?

How do I build a community of committed followers?

How do I create profitable services and products my followers REALLY want and need?

My Story

I’ve been on this online business journey for over 15 years- and yes, I know that is a LONG time! I’ll admit- I’ve had a lot of rough starts and prolonged hopes when it came to building my business, as I was focused fully on raising my daughters when they were younger. During this parenting-focused season of my life, I dabbled into digital and social media marketing and website design- working for clients as I had the time- but in between naps and homeschooling. Truth be told, these two girls of mine are my WHY, my reason behind why I kept going with business, even when it seemed nothing was happening in my business.

However, this season of my life gave me lots of time to talk to so many successful business owners! Over the past nearly two decades, I’ve interviewed countless women entrepreneurs on my podcast and have been mentored by many. They have inspired and motivated me to become a better entrepreneur and more skilled at my craft. They’ve sharpened me in ways unimaginable and encouraged me to keep on the journey even when it seemed like crickets. But I stuck with my business, and with time and patience- all while raising and homeschooling my daughters- I’ve been able to watch my income grow from a few thousand per year to five figures.

My Humble Beginnings

When I began my first online business in 2004 (before social media) I had to rely mainly on word-of-mouth advertising, paid ads, search engine optimization, and message boards. I had to believe that someone out there would want my web design and marketing services. Although I wasn’t trained as a web designer I had a lot of faith and drive to learn more. I struck out in the online world with a desire to see my business goals come to fruition.

But even before website design, my very FIRST business was making homemade soaps and body butter lotions. I started off selling these from the trunk of my car after work! This was in 2003. Eventually, my side hustle found a home on the web. Here’s a screenshot of one of my first websites when I sold my homemade soaps…

I don’t mind sharing my humble beginnings with you! 🙂

It’s not very much to look at…but it’s my beginnings, which is what I’d like to show you.

It’s important that we never despise our beginnings, but appreciate each and every step of the journey.

So, yes…this was one of my very first websites selling my handmade soaps back in 2003.

Here is another screenshot you might find entertaining…a rudimentary website I pulled together called to sell a 50-page ebook and video course on how to make body butters. This site brought in a few hundred dollars over a year. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to let me know even back in 2003 that selling online works. 

Notice, I didn’t have a blog, but only a simple sales page. Very simple, and yet very effective.

I remember recording the video for this online course on mini DV tapes and converting this from analog to digital just so I could sell it online. So…yeah…this was a LONG time ago!

It wasn’t long before I discovered that I enjoyed website design. Over the next few years (in between having a second baby and starting our family’s homeschool journey), I phased out the soaps and body butters business and began designing websites full time from my home office.

Here’s another sample screenshot from 2010. I had discovered by this point that my niche market was business women and that I enjoyed coaching, designing websites, and podcast consulting.

Around 2006, I’d started three podcasts (two faith-based and one business podcast) and had become an all-around podcasting advocate and speaker. I formed the Internet Radio Podcast Bootcamp, an online course which I created and taught to many business owners who then went on to create their own podcasts. This program was circulated by a press release and picked up in several media outlets around the mid-south region of the U.S. Needless to say, this was a major plus for me in helping to boost my vision for business! I knew that if I could finally do this, I could help other entrepreneurs do the same!

A few testimonials began to pour in…

There are few people who know and are dedicated to their trade more than Demetria Zinga. She researches and has found a niche as the quintessential Web tech when it comes to virtual broadcasting. She has passed just a slice of that know-how to me to be able to reach my target audience by voice, not by the written word alone. Demetria takes you wherever you are in your knowledge base and guides until you reach your goal(s). I wish to thank her publicly for her expertise, patience, and follow-through from this new, podcaster. I highly recommend Demetria to anyone who requires light to complete turn-key podcasting services!

L. Diane Johnson


Thank you so much for helping me today, Demetria. It was so good to talk with you. You answered my questions about podcasting…

Beth Jones


I have been knowing Demetria Zinga for approximately one year, and she has really been empowered with technical knowledge. Demetria … handles her business very professionally. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to work with someone with honesty, loyalty and integrity. I pray blessings upon on her endeavors!

Evelyn Johnson

Founder, Empowered Christian Women

Hi, my name is Lori Arriaga of Mometary. I came across Demetria and her websites…and was drawn to her after seeing the passion she had for spreading her message through the media and teaching others to do the same. At that time, though, I really knew nothing about podcasting. I truly enjoyed listening to her podcast, though, so I decided to try and do one of my own for my website. She was very knowledgeable and helpful and made it very easy to learn. I highly recommend Demetria and her services to anyone that is interested in setting up a podcast of their own.

Lori Arriaga


Demetria has helped my company with website design, web video production, website maintenance, podcasting, and internet marketing strategies! She is truly the one person I would recommend to any business who needs an internet marketing consultant and dependable webmaster. The personal touch that Demetria adds to her business helps me feel confident that any question, no matter how elementary, can be asked. Demetria generally answers my technology questions and problems within hours!


Diane Overgard, CFLE

Life Coach, Family Impact, Inc.

Around  2005,  my local news station found out about podcasters in the area and came out to my home to interview me. I was surprised that anyone would care about my “little” world of podcasting. Little did I know how much podcasting would grow rapidly within a few short years! Here is a clipping of that day I found my article in the newspaper.

Hopefully, that gives you some idea of where I was with business at the time. I had a vision, I followed it, and watched it bear fruit. But truth be told, the journey was not easy. There were months I didn’t make any money at all. The nature of marketing, coaching, podcast consulting, and website design was that sometimes I had awesome months and a handful of clients to work for, whereas other months there were crickets. Nothing.

But I kept going. I kept learning and I kept working. In the early 2000’s my online mentors were successful internet marketers of the time: Derek Gehl of the Internet Marketing Center, Dr. Ken Envoy (founder of Site Sell It), Alex Mandossian, and Yanik Silver. I was pretty serious about learning marketing!

But even with my mentors and earning a masters degree in Interactive Technology (which I received in 2006), I still found it difficult to quickly grow my business…

The Shift…

In 2011, I moved from Alabama to California. Our family’s relocation jolted me into another reality: I needed blogging therapy.

Since I was already homeschooling, I began vlogging on YouTube about my homeschool journey. Shortly after I thought, “How cool would it be to create a website to go along with my channel?” So I also created my homeschool blog.

I also didn’t just create a blog. I started with a blueprint, a strategy. I wanted this blog to be successful. I wanted it to be a go-to source of information about homeschooling.

If I was going to put energy into blogging, I may as well do it the right way. 

Slowly at first, I began to see trickles of site visitors, and a few views on my channel. After a few months of uploading videos about my homeschooling adventures, I’d climbed to a few hundred views. I watched one of my videos explode to 20,000 views and was literally in shock! Who knew that homeschooling would be such a niche topic?

I started making money on the homeschool blog around 2013 through blog and podcast paid sponsorships, ebook sales, online courses, and referrals to my website design business.

Slowly over the weeks, then months and years, I saw the fruit of my labors. Today I have watched my site’s traffic grow exponentially over time, grown my list to thousands, and have had the honor of interviewing some of the greatest thought leaders of the homeschool movement on my podcast. I also found much success with my second podcast, specifically crafted for mom entrepreneurs (mompreneurs). I have made money with my blog and podcast, developed a circle of new friendships, and  enjoyed the journey.

Over the years, I’ve worked with so many beautiful and talented women entrepreneurs. Here are just a few more of my favorite clients!

I just wanted to say that I truly enjoyed our time together today. It was a productive meeting and I left with concrete action steps (which I have already begun to implement), and I look forward to learning more and growing. My dollars were well spent.

Belinda Bullard

Founder, A Blessed Heritage Educational Resources

Every mompreneur wants to have a successful business. She wants her business to stand out among the crowd and she wants to learn how to use smart marketing strategies to reach potential customers. But sometimes when new mompreneurs like me try to navigate the complex world of marketing and attempt to swim in a sea of social media, we get lost and nearly drown in our many responsibilities! Thankfully, Demetria was able to throw me a lifeline and guide me onto a better and more successful business path!

Andrea Thorpe

Founder, African American Homeschool Moms

Demetria has been a Godsend to me! I stalled on my website and had no idea how to pull it all together. In comes Demetria figuring things out and moving me forward to publish my website. Love her servant spirit. Highly recommend her!

Crissi Allen

Holistic Health Coach, Crissi Allen Oils and Life

I would like to thank Demetria for her professionalism and guidance. I was in need of assistance with the technical portion of creating a blog, and Demetria was great to work with. She answered all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable in each step of the process. I was originally very intimidated by the idea of creating a blog. She made the process effortless and gave me a very beautifully designed blog for which I am extremely grateful.

NA'Arah Rollinson, M.R.E.

Owner, Rollinson Company

I am so grateful to Demetria and all of her hard work on my website! I wanted a more professional website and did not know where to start! Thanks to Demetria and her work, I have a beautiful website that I am extremely proud to own and share with the world! Not only was she very professional, but she was also with me every step of the way! Demetria stayed in constant contact with me and was always available to answer any questions and offer assistance throughout the entire process! Being a fellow homeschooling mom, I know how precious time is! I really appreciate Demetria giving me some of her time and developing a website that can help me further my mission!

Tracy Kelly

Blogger, Homeschool Power

Demetria is a very gifted and talented Content Marketing Strategist and Digital Media Producer. She and I have collaborated several times over the years on her blog, Christian Home School Her informative and witty content helped encourage me through some of my most challenging seasons as a homeschool mother. When I recently made the decision to take my business online, Demetria was the first person to come to mind. Her knowledge of Google, SEO, and WordPress, just to name a few, gave me the confidence to trust with her establishing my online presence. Throughout the website development project, I was able to share my goals and ideas with Demetria. She listened intently to my desires and executed them both beautifully and professionally. I would highly recommend Demetria without hesitation. My vision has been realized under her direction.

Chasity Champion

Owner, Office Girl on the Go

OMGOODNESS!!!  I LOVE IT!! Thanks so much.  I really appreciate you taking the time from your busy homeschool mom schedule to do this…You are SIMPLY Wonderful!  Thank you for everything.  This was a Christmas gift to myself and you delivered  a really nice website/blog.

Pam Andrews

Founder, Faith Girl Fitness

Demetria, thanks for getting the mock up ready for me. You did a great job including all the components I requested…Thank you!!! You ROCK.

Michelle Wright

Blogger, 99 Ways to Win

Demetria is very professional, and precise in all she does. She does great work and offers great services with her web business. I truly appreciate her work.

Marguerite Wright

Health Coach

I needed a better, more professional blog, so I decided to leave Wix and upgrade to WordPress, but I quickly discovered WordPress was way over my level of expertise. I felt overwhelmed and confused, so I turned to YouTube and discovered Demetria Zinga! What a Godsend she was! I am so grateful for her jumping in, and doing countless hours of work on my blog. She was extremely communicative and patient with me. Demetria took my vision and made it happen, doing a ton of work on the back end that I would not have known how to do. I highly recommend using her to transform your blog/website. -Roshel Madden from

Roshel Madden


Where am I today?

During COVID-19, I took another break from designing and marketing to become a classroom teacher and virtual instructor to Preschool- 3rd grade students. During this time, I took the same content marketing skills I’ve learned over the years to grow my online teaching business rapidly within one year.

You, too, can take your message to the masses.

I know that content marketing works!

You can earn a 5 and even 6-figure income through your message and your marketing. I am excited to share with you how to grow and leverage your online business through the power of your content, and your message!

Start by picking up your copy of