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Demetria Zinga-Blogging Coach teaching how to make money with digital products

I’ve been creating profitable content online since 2003 and helping women creatives build an online business for over 17 years.

I love what I do as a web designer, content creator and business coach because I know how life-changing and amazing it feels to grow your income with a business that aligns with your heart and soul.

I am here to help you...

  1. Clarify your brand vision 
  2. Launch a beautiful and focused website
  3. Create profitable, ongoing content to support your brand

My Business Journey Timeline

2002- the beginning

Had my first baby. I immediately decided that one day soon I would leave my 9-5 job at the university and build a business that would allow me to spend more time with her and watch her grow.


Started my first online business, making and selling handmade soaps and lotions. I sold them to co-workers from the trunk of my car and eventually created a website. I created my first digital course on how to create body butters when I realized that I could make real money online!


Started graduate school and (at the same time) my website design business, serving local boutiques and businesswomen. I started my first online community site for women of faith and created an online radio show (because podcasting wasn’t a thing yet.)


Earned my masters degree! Started three podcasts and created a program I called the Internet Radio Podcast Bootcamp where I taught my students the basics of podcasting. You can say I’d bitten the “podcasting bug”!

Testimonials started coming in at this point.

L Diane Johnson Testimonial for Demetria Zinga Consulting

“There are few people who know and are dedicated to their trade more than Demetria Zinga. She researches and has found a niche as the quintessential Web tech when it comes to virtual broadcasting. She has passed just a slice of that know-how to me to be able to reach my target audience by voice, not by the written word alone. Demetria takes you wherever you are in your knowledge base and guides until you reach your goal(s). I wish to thank her publicly for her expertise, patience, and follow-through from this new, podcaster. I highly recommend Demetria to anyone who requires light to complete turn-key podcasting services!” -L. Diane Johnson

Lori Arriaga Testimonial for Demetria Zinga Consulting

“Hi, my name is Lori Arriaga of Momentary. I came across Demetria and her websites…and was drawn to her after seeing the passion she had for spreading her message through the media and teaching others to do the same. At that time, though, I really knew nothing about podcasting. I truly enjoyed listening to her podcast, though, so I decided to try and do one of my own for my website. She was very knowledgeable and helpful and made it very easy to learn. I highly recommend Demetria and her services to anyone that is interested in setting up a podcast of their own." -Lori Arriaga Founder,

Diane Overgard Testimonial for Demetria Zinga Consulting

“Demetria has helped my company with website design, web video production, website maintenance, podcasting, and internet marketing strategies! She is truly the one person I would recommend to any business who needs an internet marketing consultant and dependable webmaster. The personal touch that Demetria adds to her business helps me feel confident that any question, no matter how elementary, can be asked. Demetria generally answers my technology questions and problems within hours!" -Diane Overgard, CFLE Life Coach, Family Impact, Inc.


I had my second baby and started my homeschool journey, raising and teaching my daughters while balancing my growing web design and marketing business.


After years of studying online marketing and growing my business, our family moved from the Deep South to the West Coast due to a wonderful job opportunity for my husband.​


Began my homeschool blog, podcast and YouTube channel. I didn’t know how much I would love vlogging on YouTube, but I began to grow my channel and got hooked on providing valuable homeschool content to my audience.​


Started my podcast and blog for mompreneurs, launched a blogging course, and wrote my first book, “Mompreneurs in Heels: A Guide to Passionate, Purposeful Blogging”.​


Took a break from online marketing and design to be a classroom teacher during the pandemic.​

2021 & beyond

Stopped classroom teaching, but continued teaching kids online part-time. Relaunched and rebranded my online marketing business under The story continues!

more happy clients...

Belinda Bullard testimonial for Demetria Zinga Consulting

Belinda Bullard-Curriculum Developer/Consultant

I just wanted to say that I truly enjoyed our time together today. It was a productive meeting and I left with concrete action steps (which I have already begun to implement), and I look forward to learning more and growing. My dollars were well spent.

Andrea Thorpe testimonial for Demetria Zinga Consulting

Andrea Thorpe- Lifestyle Blogger & Community Leader

Every mompreneur wants to have a successful business. She wants her business to stand out among the crowd and she wants to learn how to use smart marketing strategies to reach potential customers. But sometimes when new mompreneurs like me try to navigate the complex world of marketing and attempt to swim in a sea of social media, we get lost and nearly drown in our many responsibilities! Thankfully, Demetria was able to throw me a lifeline and guide me onto a better and more successful business path!

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