Hey, friends- it’s a brand new year and I’m excited! goal-planning tips and strategies that can help you with growing your starting and growing your online business this year. Listen to Episode #7 of the HER Business Elevated Podcast below.

Listen to “Goal-Planning Tips and Strategies for Business Goals in 2022” on Spreaker.

Tips for Goal-Planning Your Business Goals

In the episode we talked about 3 tips that can help you with your goal-planning for the upcoming year. I covered:

1. What it means to take an overview of your life quadrants in your business goals planning, (and what a quadrant is.)

(I’ve divided my into: health, work, home, and play. ) Choose the categories that best fit for your lifestyle. It will be unique for you, so no need to make it “perfect”.

PLAN your business goals

2. The importance of creating a content calendar and how to make it visible to you.

I LOVE both my content calendars (the one on my wall as well as Google Calendar, which essentially keeps my life together.) I also type out a list of content I want to create and share with my audience in Google Docs, and eventually these topics become a reality.

3. What it means to implement your goals daily-working them into your business routines!

This is something you’ll want to add into your routine daily, working your goals on a regular basis. This means I have to fit them into my life somehow by managing my time as a solopreneur. The video below shows you how I do this by using a chalkboard which I place on the wall of my office.

I also share on the video how I integrate other quadrants of my life such as my spiritual life (reading my bible and prayer) to get my day started before I jump into my work.

Here is my Morning Routine Video

I hope you enjoyed the podcast and the video. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of my Goal-Planning worksheets to get your business started this year. Just sign up below and I’ll send these Business Clarity Worksheets directly to your inbox.

Business Clarity Worksheet

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