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 Building an online brand can be challenging  amidst a heavily saturated and noisy social media climate. My goal is to help women entrepreneurs use the power of your own voice and the technology of podcasting to share your message with your community and tribe. I offer podcast coaching and consulting services. Book a 1:1 call with me to learn how to elevate your audio and video content to the next level.


What I Offer

Podcast Coaching

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level with a podcast? Whether it’s your very first podcast or you have already launched and just need the next steps in growing, I and my team can help you to plan, produce, launch, and grow. I’ll give you one-on-one, step-by-step instructions to make sure you are successful.

Podcast Setup and Editing

Already have a podcast but find yourself laden with the cumbersome task of editing your episodes each week? Let my team help you with audio edits and mastering, audio hosting, embeds, episode show notes and blog posts, graphics, metadata, and intros and outros.

Client Love

What our clients are saying…

Crissi Allen, Holistic Health Coach

Crissi Allen testimonial for Demetria Zinga Consulting“Demetria has been a Godsend to me! I stalled on my website and had no idea how to pull it all together. In comes Demetria figuring things out and moving me forward to publish my website. Love her servant spirit. Highly recommend her!​”

Chasity Champion, Executive Assistant

Chasity Champion, Executive Assistant“Demetria is a very gifted and talented Content Marketing Strategist and Digital Media Producer. She and I have collaborated several times over the years on her blog, Her informative and witty content helped encourage me through some of my most challenging seasons as a homeschool mother. When I recently made the decision to take my business online, Demetria was the first person to come to mind. Her knowledge of Google, SEO, and WordPress, just to name a few, gave me the confidence to trust with her establishing my online presence. Throughout the website development project, I was able to share my goals and ideas with Demetria. She listened intently to my desires and executed them both beautifully and professionally. I would highly recommend Demetria without hesitation. My vision has been realized under her direction.”

Tracy Kelly, Homeschool Consultant

Tracy Kelly, Homeschool Consultant“I am so grateful to Demetria and all of her hard work on my website! I wanted a more professional website and did not know where to start! Thanks to Demetria and her work, I have a beautiful website that I am extremely proud to own and share with the world! Not only was she very professional, but she was also with me every step of the way! Demetria stayed in constant contact with me and was always available to answer any questions and offer assistance throughout the entire process! Being a fellow homeschooling mom, I know how precious time is! I really appreciate Demetria giving me some of her time and developing a website that can help me further my mission!”

NA'Arah Rollinson, Author & Entrepreneur

Na'Arrah Rollinson“I would like to thank Demetria for her professionalism and guidance. I was in need of assistance with the technical portion of creating a blog, and Demetria was great to work with. She answered all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable in each step of the process. I was originally very intimidated by the idea of creating a blog. She made the process effortless and gave me a very beautifully designed blog for which I am extremely grateful.”

Pam Andrews, College Admissions Consultant

Pam Andrews, College Admissions Consultant“OMGOODNESS!!!  I LOVE IT!! Thanks so much.  I really appreciate you taking the time from your busy homeschool mom schedule to do this…You are SIMPLY Wonderful!  Thank you for everything.  This was a Christmas gift to myself and you delivered  a really nice website/blog.”

Belinda Bullard-Curriculum Developer/Consultant

Belinda Bullard testimonial for Demetria Zinga ConsultingI just wanted to say that I truly enjoyed our time together today. It was a productive meeting and I left with concrete action steps (which I have already begun to implement), and I look forward to learning more and growing. My dollars were well spent.”

Andrea Thorpe- Lifestyle Blogger & Homeschool Community Leader

Andrea Thorpe testimonial for Demetria Zinga ConsultingEvery mompreneur wants to have a successful business. She wants her business to stand out among the crowd and she wants to learn how to use smart marketing strategies to reach potential customers. But sometimes when new mompreneurs like me try to navigate the complex world of marketing and attempt to swim in a sea of social media, we get lost and nearly drown in our many responsibilities! Thankfully, Demetria was able to throw me a lifeline and guide me onto a better and more successful business path!”

Diane Overgard, CFLE Life Coach, Family Impact, Inc.

Diane Overgard Testimonial for Demetria Zinga ConsultingDemetria has helped my company with website design, web video production, website maintenance, podcasting, and internet marketing strategies! She is truly the one person I would recommend to any business who needs an internet marketing consultant and dependable webmaster. The personal touch that Demetria adds to her business helps me feel confident that any question, no matter how elementary, can be asked. Demetria generally answers my technology questions and problems within hours!” 

Lori Arriaga, Founder of Momentary

Lori Arriaga Testimonial for Demetria Zinga Consulting “Hi, my name is Lori Arriaga of Momentary. I came across Demetria and her websites…and was drawn to her after seeing the passion she had for spreading her message through the media and teaching others to do the same. At that time, though, I really knew nothing about podcasting. I truly enjoyed listening to her podcast, though, so I decided to try and do one of my own for my website. She was very knowledgeable and helpful and made it very easy to learn. I highly recommend Demetria and her services to anyone that is interested in setting up a podcast of their own.”

L. Diane Johnson, Artist

L Diane Johnson Testimonial for Demetria Zinga Consulting “There are few people who know and are dedicated to their trade more than Demetria Zinga. She researches and has found a niche as the quintessential Web tech when it comes to virtual broadcasting. She has passed just a slice of that know-how to me to be able to reach my target audience by voice, not by the written word alone. Demetria takes you wherever you are in your knowledge base and guides until you reach your goal(s). I wish to thank her publicly for her expertise, patience, and follow-through from this new, podcaster. I highly recommend Demetria to anyone who requires light to complete turn-key podcasting services!”


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