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I’m an avid and lifelong learner, and I love teaching what I learn! Follow my journey as I create courses, podcasts, and videos about all things business, tech, education and ministry.

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As you can see, I enjoy supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses, homeschoolers, and ministries. If you think I’d be a great fit for your project, please fill out the form below and let’s see if we might work together.


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How to be a blogging mama with purpose

How to be a blogging mama with purpose

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Why I Wrote It

After leaving my full-time job to homeschool my kids, I joined the stay-at-home mom force for over 10 years, but I never lost my passion for creating, designing, building, and making a difference in the world.

Yes, it’s tough balancing motherhood with business, but that’s why I wrote this book: to encourage moms that you really can build your business with a few simple online tools, such as blogging. Here’s to motivation, inspiration, and practical help!


What happens when moms who have been balancing work life with parenting decide to create their own online business empire?

In this book, Demetria takes working moms and stay-at-home moms through the steps of crafting a blog based on her passions and God-given talents. Through this step-by-step manual, she teaches how to build an online business that yields multiple streams of income- simply through blogging.

Staying centered, staying organized, and keeping your family priorities in line is the key to balancing business success online while running a home.

You’ll learn the ins and outs of building a blog in WordPress, the basics of keyword research, as well as how to create awesome blog posts and systematic routines that work for you and your entire family!

What Readers Say

Andrea Thorpe

A must-read for the business minded mom! More and more creative women wish to launch a business, but many of us are unsure of how to do so. Where do we begin? How do we reach our target audience? What happens if we encounter a problem along the way? Enter Demetria Zinga and her new book Mompreneurs in Heels. In this step-by-step book, Demetria, a blogging and business expert, walks beside the budding entrepreneur to help her plan and execute her business vetnure. Within every chapter, Demetria goes into great detail to help readers easily understand and confidently move through process of taking a business idea from brainstorming to branding. Mompreneurs in Heels covers it all from the emotional to the technical and everything in between. It’s a must read for moms who wish to go into business!

Tammie Polk

All of this!! As a Mompreneur myself, it makes me smile to see books like this! I recommend this book to any woman who is ready to establish her own empire. The processes and advices that Demetria gives here is exactly what she says it is — coaching in a book! From naming your blog to celebrating your accomplishments, Demetria takes the time to share her expertise as not only a blogger, but as a business woman in general who doesn’t leave the home out either

NA'Arah Rollinson

This book is a must for the all new mompreneurs. The book specifically addresses blogging but there are also many encouraging points for any mom in business. It is very user friendly and makes running a successful blog very attainable. You will find no fluff here but practical steps you can begin using right away. This book spoke directly to my heart as a mom wanting to work from home. I am so glad that I made this purchase.


I just finished Mompreneurs In Heels and wow, what a perfect read for any mom who has considered blogging, or who does blog, but desires to push past the casual into the professional – to generate an income by doing what you already love and are passionate about. The idea of blogging, especially intentional- professional blogging can seem a bit daunting and overwhelming to a busy mother who already has her plate full.

Um hello..the how to’s of purchasing a domain, designing, keyword research (for optimal traffic), branding, scheduling blog posts, having guest contributors/ being a guest contributor, creating/selling/collecting payments, networking and using social media to your advantage can make you want to throw in the towel before you ever even start.

But Demetria takes her readers by the hand and leads them step by step through the entire process. You feel like you have a big sister, best friend and professional mentor all in one.

Demetria has been blogging for years, probably before there ever was such a thing, and has figured out what works and what does not work in creating a successful, profitable blog. All that she has learned through personal experience, trial and error, and lots of research is shared with you here.

If you have had a nagging feeling that you should be doing more with your passions and gifts, that you have something to offer others and benefit your family with additional income but didn’t know where or how to start, then this is the book for you. She truly puts the cookies on the bottom shelf. You don’t just walk away motivated to start blogging your passions but you leave each chapter with clear direction and practical steps to get you started. Just the listed resources themselves are invaluable. You come away not only knowing WHAT you need to do, but HOW to do it, and better yet that you CAN do it, it is attainable and not so overwhelming after all.

Five stars for sure!

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HER Business Elevated logo

At the Her Business Elevated blog, my goal is to encourage women entrepreneurs of faith. I help women entrepreneurs and CEOs elevate their mindset for business growth so they are free to create a heart-and-soul-aligned business for maximum impact.


HER Business Elevated Podcast -REV

The Her Business Elevated Podcast is dedicated to helping women of faith on their entrepreneurial business journey. Join me and my fabulous guests as we help you discover how to gain Kingdom Business clarity and turn your profitable passion into a plan of action!

Impact Podcast Coach

At Impact Podcast Coach, I offer podcast coaching to established entrepreneurs & solopreneurs who wish to share their soul-aligned message and make a powerful impact in their communities and networks. I help entrepreneurs, businesses, and ministries launch and grow their network through podcasting.

SOUL Podcasting with Demetria Zinga

The Soul Podcasting Podcast offers podcasting advice, strategies, and support for heart-aligned entrepreneurs who want to share their message with purpose, make an impact, and grow their network.

Christian Homeschool Moms Podcast

At the Christian Homeschool Moms blog, I offer over 17 years of homeschool experience and advice helping homeschool moms with practical ways to teach their children more easily and enjoyably.

Christian Homeschool Moms Podcast

The Christian Homeschool Moms Podcast offers an extra boost of homeschool encouragement while also strengthening the faith of homeschool moms. I offer interviews with experts and moms, lots of encouragement, and practical homeschool advice.

Mompreneurs In Heels logo

At the Mompreneurs In Heels blog, I help inspire moms to build a heart-aligned online business while raising kids and caring for themselves.

Mompreneurs In Heels Podcast

The Mompreneurs In Heels Podcast offers online business advice, interviews with moms in business, and encouragement for mamas who understand the need for entrepreneurship while balancing family self-care.


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