Have you been toying with the idea of blogging? You\’ve asked yourself a few times, \”Why start a blog business?\” and you\’re itching to get your thoughts out there for the world to read and enjoy, but …you’re just a little bit afraid of the commitment to start a blog business.

I totally get it: it takes guts to start a blog and to see it through for years down the road. Quite honestly, bloggers come and go by the dozens because of one reason alone: blogging is hard!

But if you are just a little bit fired up about your product or service, your topic, and your audience, there is absolutely no reason you can’t succeed at blogging.

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So let\’s go ahead and jump into reasons you might be wanting to start a blog business and reasons I believe you should consider it.

5 Reasons to Start a Blog Business

First of all, if you’ve been needing someone to just tip you over on the other side and give you a few reasons to motivate you to start blogging, I’m here for you! I\’ve been blogging for over 15 years and currently run 5 blogs, each with its own specialty audience and niche.

I know the benefits of blogging and why I have been doing this for so many years. I also realize the pitfalls and setbacks that can occur, so I understand if you have some hesitation with starting a blog business.

Nonetheless, I\’m here to cheer you on and encourage you to start a blog as soon as you have a brilliant idea that you\’ve researched and realize its income-earning potential.

Why start a blog? My first reason is…

Get paid for writing about what you love

When I explain to my friends what I do, they may look at me incredulously, eyebrows raised, and ask \”So…you get paid to write?”

Yes, and no. There is so much more to blogging than writing, but I\’ll get to that later. Foundationally, though, blogging is writing at its core…and so, yes, I do get paid to write. (But don\’t fear if you\’re not an avid writer because I mentioned, blogging is so much more than writing.)

Not only do bloggers find ways to monetize our writing but we quickly learn to tap into other sources of monetization. Writing a blog post may quickly turn into creating other products like ebooks. (I created mine on Amazon CreateSpace and KDP Select).

My blog posts have also turned into podcasts, where I earn affiliate commissions and income from advertising promo spots.

Additionally, blog posts can turn into ideas for videos, which can turn into a robust vlog channel making you some nice residual income with Google Adsense. Remember earlier when I said that blogging is so much more than writing? Well, here\’s why: think multimedia and a variety of content formats. You\’re not limited to only writing at your blog. You can record video or audio as well. Not all of your content has to be long and drawn out. You can have some days when all you post is short-form content. And sometimes creating a video for YouTube is an easy outlet for me to express what it is I eventually want to say on my blog.

(Here’s one of my YouTube channels that is earning money). I started that channel on the topic of homeschooling many years ago, and I used it to demonstrate much of what I blogged about at a homeschool blog I ran at the time. Additionally, although my business channel is still pretty small right now, I am working on growing this second one to also begin earning an income.


If you get really good at writing for your own blog, you can even offer to begin looking for opportunities to write paid guest posts and start earning money to share your content on other sites. I\’ve found better luck sticking with writing on my own blog, but for professional writers like Elna Cain, for example, (mommy blogger and freelance writer), writing for others has been instrumental in her business. If this describes you, you might consider looking at opportunities to not only write for your own blog, but for others also.

Why start a business blog? Be your own boss!

Why start a blog business? Because you get to ultimately create what you want out of your blogging career.

I absolutely love that blogging gives me the opportunity to create something out of nothing. I am creating a community and a tribe because I’m writing about what I love, and my audience needs and wants my content. I write for them (you guys, that is), because I know that what I\’m writing is helping you.

I also love that I get to make my own choices about what content to put out (based on user feedback, of course), set my own hours, attract the clients of my choice, and drive the direction of my business. Talk about freedom. I absolutely love all these aspects of blogging!

Create your own schedule your way.

As I mentioned before, I like to be my own boss which, of course, includes creating my own schedule.


I have a fairly complex schedule as a busy homeschool mama and content strategist, but I love blogging and the freedom it provides me to make side hustle money (or a full-time income).

It’s up to me whether I want to dial it down or up- adding on more blogging or less. I truly get to create my own schedule and blog around my family and life responsibilities.

Meet awesome people in your niche.

Oh my goodness, have I ever met some pretty fabulous and amazing people through blogging!

If you are looking for an easy way to grow your network and meet awesome people in your niche, blogging is the way to go!

The small virtual communities I’ve found are mainly through:

  • following other blogs and commenting
  • following YouTube channels I admire
  • listening to incredible podcasts and following the hosts on social media
  • and of course, social media- Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook

One of my main sources for meeting pretty awesome people is through interviews and podcasting. As I’ve learned the skill of interviewing guests in my niche I’ve also been able to connect with some fabulous mompreneurs along the way and expand my outreach.

Make a difference for other people.

More than anything, I’ve found that blogging has helped me to help others. The thing that excites me the most about blogging is knowing that I’m helping others and making a difference for them.

My former homeschool blog is about helping homeschool moms of faith with their specific needs: choosing curriculum, encouragement and support, advice, free resources, and conversations with thought leaders in the home education sector.

My blog, Mompreneurs in Heels, is about encouraging mom entrepreneurs to develop their online business from start to finish- but is mainly a place to promote and highlight, inspire, and encourage mompreneurs worldwide. I love to highlight mompreneurs on my podcast who are doing things right, working their business, and finding success.

And, of course, here at Elevate Your Blog, I help women solopreneurs start a business blog and learn to make an income with it. And lastly, at my business blog, DemetriaZinga.com, I offer one-on-one coaching services, my podcast (Her Business Elevated Podcast), video tutorials, and support for women interested in growing their business online with digital products.

When you find out your business and blogging purpose, it is exciting because you realize that you truly are making a difference for others.

And THAT, my friend, is the best part.

Keep learning new things.

Blogging helps me to keep on learning. As I talk to other bloggers, interview guests for my podcast, or just do research for a blog post, I learn something new each time.

Lifelong learning is a goal for me. I wake up each day wondering what new thing I’ll learn. Because I blog daily I research daily…and I just keep learning new things I didn’t know before!

If lifelong learning is big on your list, making blogging a part of your lifestyle can help you to accomplish that.

If you’ve been wondering, “Why start a blog business?”, now you know five terrific reasons to get moving on your first blog post!

Do you need help setting up your blog? You can reach out to me and I’ll walk you through the steps.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are some of your takeaways? How can I help you with starting your blog? If you need personal help, please reach out to me for one-on-one blog coaching.

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