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Hi, everyone- thanks for tuning in to this one! I’m so excited to bring this episode to you and introduce to you Latonya Moore. Before I introduce this beautiful friend and share show notes for this week, please hit play below and begin listening.

Latonya Moore- Interview

Latonya and I had a beautifully encouraging discussion. She has been overcoming PTSD by practicing mindfulness, gratitude and using her gifts to provide doses of encouragement while remaining realistic. Because of her gratitude, she has been maintaining a joy-centered life.

Latonya is a wife and mom of two who happens to homeschool, a slow and steady entrepreneur, and a full-time community leader.

Her gift of storytelling and calm demeanor will make Latonya your go-to friend for level-headed advice. Latonya is a homeschool mom, a community person, and runs, a blog that encourages women to experience joy in the ordinary experiences in life- including during our hardships.

Latonya Moore and I talk about:

  • her hobbies, her work-life, and balance of family life
  • what inspired her to begin her blog and podcast and the types of topics she blogs about (homeschooling, earning money from your passions, and self-care)
  • what inspired her to write journals and t-shirts and what the process was like to create them
  • how to pace yourself through building your business foundation rather than plowing through it
  • not comparing your business with someone else’s and determining what success looks like for you individually
  • her biggest hope to achieve in serving her audience through Joy in the Ordinary

Latonya’s Accountability Journals

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