5 tips on how to start a blog sponsors notice.

Have you been approached by sponsors for the opportunity to sponsor their brand in partnership with yours?  If not, is this something you want for your blog?  I honestly think that if you learn how to start a blog sponsors notice, you’ll receive so much benefit in your blogging business.

Without much additional effort on your part, you could possibly link up with big brands and find an income accruing on your blog just from these partnerships.

I’m going to share with you a few tips that will help you link up with these brands.

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Stand out from the crowd

In order to truly start a blog sponsors notice, you first have to stand out from the crowd.  Make sure that your blog is different than others in your industry.  Stand out by being extremely niche-specific in your market and who you are trying to reach.

On each of my blogs (at my homeschool moms blog, for example ), I am very narrow in my approach to my target market.  I’m not just reaching moms, but homeschool moms, and not just homeschool moms, but faith-based homeschool moms of a particular faith.  

Here at this blog (and also at Mompreneurs in Heels), I’m focusing on not only women business owners, but moms in business- and specifically moms who consider themselves mom entrepreneurs.  My focus in being this specific is to ensure that whatever I write about on these blogs is so narrowly focused that there is no doubt at all about who my target audiences are.

Company brands love this narrow approach because it helps them to see just how well they can partner with you.  If they are certain who your target market is, they are better able to determine if your blog is a good fit for their product before they ever approach you.  

Here’s a video I did recently about changing your blog topic. I share this one because it goes into detail about why a focused blog topic is so important.

Blog regularly and consistently

Blogging consistently lets brands know that you are still in the loop, still active, and giving great value to your readers on an ongoing basis.  You are not just some run-of-the-mill, hit-or-miss blog. You update your content regularly because you care about your readers.  

This is especially important to brands as they want to make sure their product will be promoted to avid readers of your blog.

Start a blog sponsors notice

Blog authentically

Being yourself is what being authentic is.  Make sure your blog’s tone sounds like you and not anyone else.  This goes without saying, but so many bloggers start off a little intimidated by producing so many blog posts that they begin to copy the style and voice of other bloggers out there.

Being yourself is important because brands (and your readers!) will pick up on it if you are not.  Being authentic is the most important quality of working with a brand because they want to know your opinions about their product in a real way.

Storytelling is important, and bringing your side of the story into the equation will be important in getting your audience on board with the brand you’re promoting.

Update your stats and media sheet

If you plan to work with companies you’ll need to have your blog stats updated regularly. Companies working with you will want to know how large your audience is.  They will, of course, be more willing to work with you if you have a larger audience that they deem to be a ticket to their marketing campaign.

When figuring out how to start a blog sponsors notice, keeping your statistics up to date should be one of the first things on your agenda. Each month at least you should take a look at your analytics as well as check on the growth of any of your social media platforms and record this on your media sheet.  

That way, when a company says, ”We’re interested in working with you-can you send us a media sheet?” , it doesn’t take you a week to figure out your numbers and growth.  Your media sheet is already prepared and ready to send as an attachment within 15 minutes or less.

Creative attractive packages

You need to be prepared to work with sponsors by knowing upfront the type of partnerships you are willing to create with sponsors.  

Would you like to participate in product reviews?  

Promote brands through your Youtube channel?  Share their company banners on your blog?  

Write sponsored posts?  

It’s really up to you.  Figure out the types and ways you’d like to work with brands and begin building sponsorship packages along with pricing so that you’re ready to talk when brands approach you.

Deliver on your promises

Last but not least, and perhaps the most important part of working with sponsors, is delivering on your promises.  Learning all the ropes on how to start a blog sponsors notice is great, but sufficiently incomplete if you don’t follow through by delivering on your promises to them.

Make sure that whatever you say you are going to do that you are able to follow up on that.  If you agree to deliver a sponsored post with integrated SEO and inbound links by a certain date, this should be completed by that date.

A good rule of thumb is: as soon as you land a contract, go ahead and begin working on your end of the deal asap.  If you are waiting on a product to review, at least go ahead and set up your post, start gathering extra graphics, gathering keywords, anything you can do in advance basically until your product arrives.

When the product arrives begin using it immediately and take lots of pictures and detailed notes.

In other words, don’t wait around to do the job. Get it done as soon as possible so that you don’t run the risk of falling behind on deadlines.

Delivering on your promises is crucial for success in working with brands.

So that’s it!

These are my top tips for how to start a blog sponsors notice. Let me know your thoughts!

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